Shopping for a House? Here Are Luxury Finishes You Should Look Out For – 2024 Guide

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The term ‘luxury’ in real estate is loosely thrown around by people marketing a property to define anything. Here, luxury means ultra-luxe finishes that will provoke both envy and jealousy from all who step in your space. 

Buying a house is a great milestone that exudes a lot of joy and pride for the homeowner. This is the best time to invest in a house, as many people are desperately disposing of properties from the pandemic effects. However, shopping for one can present many challenges turning the process into a confusing and frustrating one. If you are shopping for a house in this technology era, a click of the mouse will offer many options. The main difference between a magnificent house and mid-range is the finishes of a house. 


There are two factors to consider when it comes to countertop finishes, installation, and materials. 

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Countertop Materials

  • Marble: This material is luxurious, without a doubt. It is an Italy sourced natural stone with a price point to match. Pure white marble is rare due to its durability and affluence; hence, you may have to dig deeper into your pocket in purchase and maintenance to get the true one. To get the difference between the marbles and know where best to have it, reach out to the stone professionals. 
  • Quartzite: This is another ultra-luxe material that gives the house a luxurious finish. Choosing a slab is a process as every slab is one of a kind because the products can vary greatly. If you love high-level customization, quartzite is a great option. 
  • Quartz: Quartz is the go-to finish for developers in the past decade, thanks to its consistency in the finish, durability, and convincing likeness to marble. Though it may be hard to spot the difference to an armature, marble is more translucent than quartz, which has a pure white and opaque appearance. Watch out that you do not buy a house with quartz finishing at the price of marble. 
  • Granite: Unlike quartz, granite is a natural stone that is durable and pricier. If you are after durability and style, countertops with granite finish are a safe bet. 

Countertop Installation

Integrated features: A good example is a sink that is cut from the same countertop material

  • Edge detail: A think countertop that looks like a voluminous slab is most likely two thinner pieces put together to give the effects. It is still luxurious and impressive. 
  • Floating surfaces: This is a labor-intensive process where the countertop is skillfully fastened on the wall. 


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Floor styles come in various styles and materials today. Besides the natural stone made tiles from companies like Saturnia Travertini, you will get options like hardwood or other synthetic materials. 

When choosing the floor finishes in a house you plan to buy, consider your family lifestyle and common activities regularly. If you have children or an active household, consider floor finishing with tougher materials as they do not wear off fast. 

Check the maintenance requirements of a floor finishing before settling for a home to buy.  Go for luxurious but easy to maintain flooring. Tiles from natural stone are the best combination of elegance and manageable. 

For wet areas, check the porosity of the material. Settle for a water-resistant finish. There are sophisticated options like reclaimed wood, wood inlay, white and red oak for people keen on a particular style. 


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Appliances are some of the easiest luxury finishes in a house that you can choose, thanks to the thousands of reviews on electronics and appliances. Viking, Subzero, and Wolf are some of the luxury brands. There are companies like Samsung that also have products for both high end and mid-range clients. 

The appliances’ size plays a vital role, and you may need to measure it against your needs. Ensure that the fridge will hold your grocery shopping, and the washing machine can serve your whole family. The appliances should be in good working condition with a warranty if possible. 

Plumbing Fixtures

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The market offers temperature technology with safety mechanisms that are kids friendly. Pay attention to details like plumbing, taps, and sinks, among others. You want to avoid leaks and damaging effects of floods or water in the wrong places.

Check the kitchen faucets’ functionality and beauty. Multiple faucets, bidets, body sprays, and pot fillers are some extra-luxe upgrades to consider. Look at the comfort of the toilets and sink accessibility. 

Lighting Fixtures

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Small things make a huge impact when it comes to the final look. Most amateur and new homeowners go wrong here as they think it is all about the brand name. That is not the case with lighting fixtures. 

Edison bulbs or chandelier with dimmable LEDs Dimmable recessed lighting and LED lighting are some lighting features to check out when shopping for a house with luxury finishes. If you are after a contemporary style, consider LED chandeliers. 

Other extras include smart home features. Though constant technology innovation makes some smart functions obsolete fast, capitalize on the latest one. Pressing a remote to draw curtains sounds like true freedom. 

Built-ins are upgraded shelves that will help you keep your spaces clutter-free. Allow some open space and any other storage options. 


Buying a home is an extremely involved process that will call for many professionals’ involvement in various fields. Whether you are getting a brand new property or a previously owned house, the fewer renovations, the better. Consider the adjustments you will need to incorporate your taste and style to it. 

Transforming a worn-out property into an elegant home may end up a very costly affair.  A house that needs a few touch-ups to achieve an elegant look is always a plus. Additions like swimming pools and gym facilities are always a plus.