7 Stress Relieving Musical Instruments You Can Learn To Play Online in 2024

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We all love music, don’t we? Every individual has his own music preferences, but music is a for sure thing for all of us. Have you ever enjoyed a soothing effect just listening to music? It actually happens.

In a world where every second person is living a stressful life, music can prove to be stress-relieving. Playing instruments is not an easy job to do; however, there are some musical instruments you can learn online. Sounds impossible? It’s actually not.

All you need is dedication and passion for learning how to play a musical instrument, and you can do wonders. Don’t you know about those instruments that are stress-relieving plus online learnable?

Here is a list of instruments you can learn to play by staying at your place:

1. Bass Guitar

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If you are a beginner and you are trying to play some instruments, we recommend you try bass guitar first. The Bass guitar is one of the most soothing music instruments, and the best thing about it is you can learn to play this guitar without any hassle.

You can ask any bass guitarist, and they’ll tell you how stress relieving and soothing playing guitar is.

Another reason to learn to play bass guitar is that it is affordable, and almost everyone can have it. It’s generally easy to learn playing this guitar because there are many YouTube tutorials available from where you can seek guidance.

The bass sound of this guitar has a very calming effect not only on the player but on the audience too.

2. 8-Tune Steel Tongue Drum And Hang Drum

This 8-tune steel tongue drum and hang drum is one of the most basic musical instruments that can be learned online. You can produce relaxing and easy-to-use tongue drum beats and sounds.

Usually, the instrument is fabricated with steel, and you can play 8 tunes in D major with the help of this classic instrument.

People often play this instrument while cooking, and listening to the sounds of this hang drum while doing yoga will make you feel comfortable by all the possible means. Do you want to buy this ingenious musical instrument? Check this product here!

3. Ukulele

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Have you ever tried playing this dainty and portable music instrument? Ukulele is more of a mini guitar where four nylon strings are attached. Those strings are easy to press if we compare them with bass or acoustic guitar.

Ukulele is another instrument that is very soothing and relaxing. Playing it will make you forget about the stress, and you can enjoy a stress-free time. Don’t you know how to play this amazingly cool musical instrument? There is nothing to worry about.

According to uke-tuner, you just need to learn some basic chords, and the sound will prove to be comforting and pleasing to the ears. Unlike some drums, the sound will make you fall in love with this instrument, and we bet you can’t get your hands off it.

4. Harmonica

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This pocket-sized musical instrument is one of the most comforting and soothing instruments of the lot. It produces a soulful melody that will surely touch and even melt your heart. No matter how stressed you are, just tune this instrument, and you’ll feet settle.

Have you ever listened to American folk music or classical music? Harmonica is used in both of them, and this music is considered stress-relieving. For those who want to start learning a basic musical instrument, there is nothing better than a harmonica for them.

Do you know the best part? It can be placed inside your pocket because of its small size, and you can start playing wherever you want. All you have to do is alter your lips and tongue position, and you’ll start hearing melodious tunes.

5. Piano

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We all love hearing soothing tunes of piano, don’t we? In the music industry, the piano has significant importance. It is one of the bases of music, and you cannot produce rhythmic and dynamic tunes without having it.

People often complain that playing the piano is hectic, but the fact is, all piano notes are clear-cut. You can learn playing piano online, and you don’t have to hire a music trainer or a professional for this purpose.

The piano is known for producing pacifying and appeasing sounds that will definitely make you get rid of stress and tension.

6. Fiddle

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If you are a fan of violin, you must have heard about the fiddle too. Violin is one of the most difficult musical instruments to play, but a fiddle, on the other hand, can be learned online.

This small string instrument is known for producing rhythmic sounds that can have a great impact on human minds. Solo music is often associated with relaxation. Whether we talk about Celtic music or folk music – a fiddle is a must-have instrument.

Do you know the best part? There will be no need to go to a tutor because online sessions will be more than enough to make you play this instrument.

7. Recorder

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The recorder is an instrument that is easy to play and easy to learn. Because the recorder is a cheap musical instrument, people don’t pay a lot of attention to it. But it can produce some of the best and top-notch tunes you’ll ever listen to.

Your tongue and lips will make you play this instrument, but the sound will make you stress-free.

Your breathing ability will play a significant role in producing different sounds and rhythms. Not only will the player enjoy playing it, but the audience will love listening to it too.


“Where words leave off, music begins.” Yes, that’s true. Music can make you get rid of stress, and we are living in an era where stress is everywhere. Playing and listening to music can be comforting.

People often complain that musical instruments are difficult to learn and play, but we bet you that the aforementioned instruments will be learned easily without any hassle.