Explore The 8 Most Popular Styles And Shapes Of Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are the perfect accessory since they both look stylish and help shield your eyes from glaring light. Sunglasses come in a variety of designs, much like conventional eyeglass frames. A small design change, such as a rounded corner or keyhole bridge can significantly alter a frame’s impact. In this blog post, we will discuss the most popular types of sunglasses and how they complement your style.

1. Sunglasses Rectangular Shape

You may always rely on the rectangle frame for a more traditional, elegant form. Lenses on rectangle sunglasses can be either sharp or rounded and are wider than tall. Rectangle sunglasses can be seen as elegant and subtle because so many sunglasses feature lenses that tend to be bigger and rounder than ordinary spectacles.

2. Round Shaped Sunglasses

Unique and edgy, round sunglasses frames are a striking fashion statement. They are distinct from the typical oval or rectangular shapes that both men and women frequently wear. The look of round Carrera sunglasses is really retro. Celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy, Jimi Hendrix, and John Lennon have worn them for many years. How much eye protection a pair of round glasses offers depends on the frame size. If maintaining your vision is essential to you, then you should go for a wider diameter.

3. Sunglasses with Cat Eyes

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Cat eye sunglasses are usually fantastic if you want fashionable, feminine eyewear. Cat-eye sunglasses are comfortable to wear, and they are the ideal addition to your stylistic needs. They are very flattering to faces with a square or diamond shape.

Wearing sunglasses conveys certain things about your personality, and wearing cat-eye goggles gets you to convey a sexy-serious atmosphere – in places like the office, college, or anywhere. Traditional and vintage cat eyeglasses come in various hues, prints, and designs.

4. The Browline Sunglasses

Browline sunglasses feature extra-thin rims around the bottom part of the lens and a broad top frame that goes over your brow (get it?). Early browline supporters like Colonel Sanders continue the retro-inspired heritage today with browline sunglasses and spectacles. These sunglasses have a classic appeal of their own and greatly complement the stylistic requirements of many eyewear lovers.

5. Aviator Sunglasses

Pilots formerly used aviators to shield their eyes while flying. Aviators have now transitioned from a necessary safety accessory to a must-have fashion. Their brilliant kaleidoscope lenses and antique thin metal frames are very recognizable. One of the most popular styles throughout history, the aviators are versatile and ageless.

6. Square Shaped Sunglasses

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Square sunglasses display large, blocky lenses with even sides. Despite its name, this type of sunglass doesn’t always have sharp corners; instead, they frequently have softer edges that perfectly complement the aggressive design. It’s cool to wear square eyewear, as many celebrities do.

7. Wrapping Sunglasses

These sunglasses, commonly referred to as shield sunglasses, are excellent for sports. Their features are perfect for busy lives. As the frame form wraps around your head, offering peripheral coverage and a broader field of view, and that’s how the wrapping sunglasses get their name. Athletes and those who like participating in sports are the primary consumers of these sorts of sunglasses.

8. Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses

Any pair of sunglasses with a keyhole bridge will have a faint retro vibe. Because the bridge’s opening resembled a keyhole, keyhole bridges received its name. Although they look excellent on everyone, this style of bridge is ideal for people with a low nose bridge and require their sunglasses to stay in place.

Bonus Tips: Tips on Looking after Your Sunglasses

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Avoid resting your sunglasses on your crown of the head

You want to take a closer look at the killer photo your friend just snapped of you, the sun has sunk behind the clouds, or both. There are many benefits to removing your sunglasses during the day. It’s tempting to simply pick them up and place them atop your head. However, over time, this causes things to become out of shape, stretch out the frames, and strain the arm pins. Your glasses will start to slide off your face like they are too big. In an emergency, it’s much better to hang them on your t-shirt collar or store them securely in a case.

Do not place sunglasses on a vehicle’s dashboard

In the sun, cars can get pretty darn hot, and the dashboard is like a hot dance floor right there in the glare. At the first sign of a temperature increase, plastic frames will start to warp. Even high-end acetate and Grilamid frames will flex over time if heated repeatedly. Much better to store your glasses in the center console’s case, or at the very least, in that tiny cubby hole next to the gear stick.

Keep harmful cleaners away

You shouldn’t clean your glasses with Windex, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or any other type of household cleaner.

Additionally, avoid wiping your sunglasses after breathing on them.

Use an authorized lens cleaner, advises Tibbs. Use only a microfiber towel manufactured specifically for cleaning glasses. You have two options if the cloth gets soiled: wash it or buy a new one.

Handle carefully

You should handle your eyewear carefully, it goes without saying. In other words, carefully put on and take off your sunglasses, being careful not to stretch or bend the arms or temples.

Avoid becoming too hot

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You should always remember to take care of your sunglasses, so never leave them in the car throughout the day. The frame of your sunglasses may become distorted if you expose them to too much heat.

Employ a hard case

Use a sturdy protective case if you need to keep your designer sunglasses. Even while they might not be ideal for daily usage due to their size and potential incompatibility with all purses, utilizing hard protective cases is essential if you plan to transport or store your sunglasses for an extended length of time.

Maintain your sunglasses

Make sure the screws or lenses are secure on a regular basis. Keep a small DIY kit with the tools you’ll need to maintain your sunglasses, like a screwdriver, lens cleaner, and a towel. No, you don’t have to bring this with you every time you put on your sunglasses, so don’t worry.

Choose high-quality sunglasses that are durable

Life is hard. You can’t be on guard all the time, so eventually your eyeglasses will be knocked around, rub up against some sand, or even—nooooo—get sat on. Investing in high-quality sunglasses is the greatest way to ensure that they last. Because mineral glass is 12 times more scratch resistant than normal plastic lenses, we only utilize it in our eyewear. It’s important to choose frames made of sturdy metal, Swiss Grilamid, or acetate. It’s a wise investment if you have the money to make it.