4 Reasons to Visit Switzerland If You Are a Cannabis Lover – 2024 Guide

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Not a long time ago, cannabis was a taboo subject. More precisely, some people are still skeptical about this subject. You can hear some negative opinions about it. For instance, most of them will tell you that CBD is a narcotic. The reason why they say this is a lack of quality information. Many people believe that THC and CBD are the same things. However, there are some major differences between these two compounds.

We won’t discuss this subject in detail. The only thing we will say is that you won’t get “high” from CBD. It has the power to improve certain physical and psychological health issues. Yet, if you are a cannabis lover, then you know everything important around this subject. You know which dosage you should use, which benefits you can get, etc. The only thing you do not know is the laws around the world associated with this subject.

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Indeed, more and more countries legalized CBD for medical and commercial purposes. However, some of them still hesitate to do that. Because of that, it would be good to know where you can use and purchase these products. There is also the difference between countries that legalized this powerful medicine. Some governments were more flexible while others established strict rules. Well, one of the countries that cannabis lovers will be happy to visit is – Switzerland.

Many cannabis lovers will agree that Switzerland has the CBD hub of Europe. The country’s laws are different compared to all European countries. Because of that, we would like to talk about reasons to visit Switzerland if you are a cannabis lover.

Let’s find them out together!

  1. 1% THC Threshold

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This is truly something unique when we talk about this country. First of all, we should say that CBD is completely legal here. However, this is not something that makes it unique. As you know, CBD comes from a cannabis plant and different plants have a different amount of THC. In some cases, certain products are banner because they have a higher percentage of THC.

In most European states, the limit of THC in products is up to 0.3%. When we talk about Switzerland, the limit is 1%. In other words, if your plant contains less than 1% of THC, it is completely legal.

So, why the Swiss government decided on this move? Well, in this way, it allows the plant to grow to its fullest potential. The consumers will have the chance to get the best possible medical properties. With a limit of 0.2 percent, farmers that work with Cannabis need to cut their plants too soon. The medical benefits will be minimized when you reduce the amount of THC in this way.

Still, we can’t end this part in this way. We do not want to tell that everything around CBD is legal. First of all, if your plant contains more than 1% of THC, you will go to prison for up to 3 years. Despite that, you can’t buy this type of product if you are younger than 18. Because of that, you need to be careful when choosing the CBD supplier. Many online stores will offer you a variety of CBD products. However, you need to be sure that they respect the rules. If you pick the wrong one, the consequences can be huge for you.

  1. What about Medical Cannabis?

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This might seem strange, but Switzerland does not have a formal medical cannabis program. Yet, you should know that doctors can prescribe you CBD in some specific situations. More precisely, you will need to have permission from the Federal Office of Public Health. Without that document, you won’t have the opportunity to get a prescription. Despite that, the license allows you to access products such as tinctures, cannabis oils, etc. However, if they come in the form of resins and flowers, that is not possible as well.

Okay, everything we sad now is correct in theory, but things are different in reality. It is difficult to get such a permit and only seriously ill people achieve to do that. However, the number of them is low compared to people that are using it for medical purposes. However, the Swiss government is aware of the requirements that Swiss citizens have. Because of that, things are slowly changing in this country. The process requires more time because of the detailed changes in the law. Some people want to use this opportunity in a bad way and the government is careful because of that.

  1. You Don’t Need a License

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We said the main rule that you need to follow if you plan to sell CBD products. The products you sell need to contain less than 1%. In this case, you won’t need to ask for a license. Yet, there are some additional things that we need to explain.

Let’s imagine that you are a foreign country that wants to invest in the CBD industry. This doesn’t mean you can just come to this country and start a business. You need to go through all the steps to start a business. This counts for every other business field. Yet, getting a cultivation license would spend a lot of your time. Fortunately, this is not required even for foreign companies.

The entire industry is experiencing popularity growth. In other words, businesses from this field have the chance to earn a lot of money. Therefore, Swiss entrepreneurs strive to expand their business to some other markets as well. With Swiss CBD companies becoming even more popular, they are finding their way onto the UK market on such a website as The CBD Supplier which focuses on premium CBD oils. It seems that the CBD industry is going to make some huge successes soon.

  1. CBD Comes In Different Forms

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Cannabis lovers should know that they can purchase CBD products in different forms. First of all, you can find products in different places. The most favorite choice of people is to purchase products online. However, you can also find them at private kiosks, convenience stores, etc.

The products you can find are various. It can come in the form of CBD oil, cosmetics, food supplements, cigarettes, etc. Cigarettes are the products that we have to highlight here. Switzerland is the first country that started selling CBD in this form.