Top 3 Biggest Casino Wins and Fatal Losses of All Time

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Gambling centers allure a great number of players all over the world. Online and offline casinos give a unique opportunity to gain real money enjoying your favorite games. Therefore, gamesters can combine entertainment and making cash. Every player hopes to hit the jackpot and turn life around. However, the casino world has its own rules, and the main one is the demand of mandatory risk.

Although the gambling sphere does not imply any stability, it attracts a lot of risky gamblers for many years. If you belong to this category of people and want to try your luck, this website will introduce the best world-famous money games like roulette, baccarat, poker, slots, blackjack, and others.

There is a great quote by the writer John-Talmage Mathis: “Trust can be one of life’s greatest rewards, but it can also be the cause for the most destruction in one’s life.” This statement very accurately describes the peculiarity of the gaming area – you do not have any guarantees except your flair and intuition. Sometimes, your confidence and trust lead you to heights, but, from time to time, they can play a cruel joke with you as well.

Three Grand Casino Losses

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The history knows a lot of examples of grand casino failures, which happened due to a flair mistake. Top 3 fatal casino losses include:

  • Terrance Watanabe – $205 million
  • Kerry Packer – $28 million
  • Robert Maxwell – $2,25 million

An American businessman Terrance Watanabe is famous not for business success but for the biggest casino failure. Watanabe was always known as a high roller, and, in fact, his visit was a real holiday for all casino owners. He calmly betted large amounts of money in any gaming center in every visit. At some point, the businessmen became addicted to alcohol and almost settled in Las Vegas.

Eventually, Terry Watanabe became a record holder for the greatest amount of money lost in the casino. In just a year he lost about $120 million. The whole sum of his failure is $205 million – a huge capital. It is interesting that 6% of the total income of the gaming establishment Harrah’s was money left there by Terrance.

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Another fatal loss story is about a desperate gambler Kerry Packer. This Australian media mogul got into two lists at once. He became a lucky one when he took away $20 million from Las Vegas in 1997. Then, in 1999, he lost almost $28 million in London. In addition, Kerry Packer contrived to fail with so large amount of money in Crockfords only for three weeks.

Witnesses of this casino loss story told that one night, Kerry Packer betted on four separate roulette wheels at the same time and lost $15 million at a moment. However, what is interesting, Australian high roller left the gaming center with an absolutely calm look. Moreover, that fail night in London did not stop him to continue playing rounds.

The third case of grand gambling loss happened with famous media mogul Robert Maxwell. His casino failure is one of the fastest in the world, and it is funny because the media mogul did not prefer to spend much time on gambling.

Robert Maxwell visited London’s Le Ambassadeurs Casino, played with three roulette wheels at the same time, and lost $2,25 million for three minutes. This means that he lost $15 thousand per second.

Top 3 Greatest Casino Wins

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Stories of fatal losses are quite impressive, but the casino winning stories are no less affecting. Furthermore, these stories are much more enjoyable and motivating. The top 3 biggest gambling wins include:

  • Mister X – $40 million
  • Johanna Huendli – $22,6 million
  • John Heywood – €17,8 million

Once in 2003, Mister X came to Las Vegas to attend a basketball game and decided to pass the time in Excalibur. The anonymous player spent less than 100 dollars on a slot machine Megabucks and won $40 million. This result remained a record for 10 years.

Mister X decided to get the win in parts; so, casino Excalibur pledged to pay $1,5 million per year for 25 years. Additionally, the famous Excalibur Hotel & Casino gained even more popularity after this case due to the great number of players who wanted to reiterate the success of Mister X.

The next winning story is about 74-year-old Johanna Huendli, who just wanted to have a fun weekend in Las Vegas. The woman was going for breakfast to the restaurant but decided to work up an appetite and make a couple of bets at first.

Johanna Huendli selected a slot machine Megabucks. She spent only 170 dollars and hit the jackpot – $22,6 million. Her winning has the second place in the top of incredible wins on Megabucks.

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The woman was shocked and stated that, at first, she thought she won only $2 million. She added that even this sum would have made her the happiest person in the world.

The winning story of John Heywood is famous for the fact that the British army soldier won a great sum even without leaving home. In 2015, John won €17,8 million in the online game Mega Moolah. The man thought that it was just a system failure and did not believe in his luck.

However, the next day, a representative of the online casino informed the soldier about the reality of his reward. Moreover, John Heywood hit the Guinness Book of Records with the biggest win in the virtual game.

There are a lot of dramatic losses and impressive winning stories. The casino is a risky business, and your best assistant in the gambling area is your intuition. Everyone can lose as well as win. However, do not forget that although fortune is very important in gambling, your independence means much more, and your own decisions are determinant.

Play when you really enjoy the game and take into account your available budget. You never know which casino round will be the reason of your gladness or which slot machine will “eat” a tidy sum of money. If you play casino, you agree to this suspense and enjoy the excitement of the uncertainty.