What Are The Most Fun Places To Visit Around The World in 2024

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Traveling is one of the most popular things people like to do. The research shows that in 2019 more than 1.45 Billion people have traveled around the world. It is not a secret that many people want to spend their money on visiting foreign and exotic countries. There are also those who like visiting historical sites or forgotten cities, but what most people like is to have fun while being on a desirable destination.

We can list so many places that are very popular to visit, but in this article, we will suggest you visit countries that are also fun and interesting, but not as much talked about as they should be.


It’s the world’s sixth-largest country, a nation known for its gorgeous beaches, incredible coral, and wonderful creatures. Yet not many people visit this beautiful country, maybe because everyone thinks it’s too far away or it’s filled with many dangerous animals. Australia is, quite simply, one of the most fun places to visit on the planet and it’s why everyone should take a trip there.

Alongside its insane beaches and party-loving people, there are countless great local treats and events to enjoy when you visit Australia. For example, you can go and visit Kangaroo Island with many wonderful animals. While there, you can take a walk with kangaroos, enjoy seeing beautiful koalas eating bamboo, or just simply enjoy the beach with seals. It is hard to find these animals walking free in the wilderness, so this would be a great experience for everyone.

Although many people will visit Australia for its natural beauty and incredible wildlife, there is also lots to keep you entertained without going out. If you are not of those people who love to explore and prefer staying indoors, it’s not a problem. You can easily send your family for a walk and enjoy some alone time in some of the Australian’s famous casinos. According to OnlineCasinos.com, the ‘Aussie Millions’ is one of the best poker tournaments in the southern hemisphere. You can take your chance and see if you are lucky enough to go home with more money in your pocket. Or if partying is more your thing, the Gold Coast is home to a vast array of nightclubs and live music venues, including Elsewhere Bar and Melbas on the Park.

To give you a taste of what to expect from Australia, check out the great video below:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country in the Balkans. You might not have heard of it, but its rivers, lakes, the Dinaric Alps, and some incredible historical places are making this country very desirable to visit. The best thing about Bosnia and Herzegovina is its cuisine. Believe it or not, but some of the best meat dishes, like cevapi, are what many people enjoy and always come back to when visiting this beautiful country.

In addition to its Mediterranean climate, medieval villages, and friendly natives, there are some unique reasons to take a holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not very known, but this country has many medieval castles like Jajce Castle, Tesanj Castle, Srebrenik Fortress and many others. Even though it has a small passage to the sea (only 20 km long), this country has many beautiful rivers like Bosnia, Sava, Drina, Vrbas, Miljacka, and definitely Neretva. We heartily recommend you visit Bascarsija in capital city Sarajevo and Old Bridge in Mostar, as well as Kastel in Banja Luka.

Though plenty of people will get a lot out of a trip to this former Yugoslavian country, it offers the greatest rewards to history fans. In addition to its incredible architecture, it’s home to the site where World War I was ignited – Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a great history and culture, so it wuld be great to just give this country a chance to impress you.

To get more insight into why Bosnia and Herzegovina is such a wonderful place to go, watch the educational video underneath:


When we think of North America, the first country that comes to our minds is the USA. However, it is not the only country located on this continent. Located just a stone’s throw (from a cartographer’s perspective) from the Arctic Circle, icy Canada is a North American gem – it’s green, vast, and populated by some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, all of which make a persuasive case for adding it to your visit list.

On top of its endless forests, legendary hospitality (though, not so much from the bears), and intimidating size, there are so many draws to Canada. The most interesting of all and definitely first on our list are Niagara Falls. This magnificent place is the famous waterfall linked with the USA by the Rainbow Bridge. There is no person who would visit Canada and not go to this incredible place. We also recommend Vancouver Island because of its mild climate and beautiful cities like Victoria, Nanaimo, Tofino, and others. You can also visit some of the most beautiful national parks, beaches, hiking sites, museums, sights, and landmarks while enjoying your trip to Canada.

One of the most interesting places to visit is Old Québec. It is located in Quebec city, and it’s a charming place with many 17th- and 18th-century buildings, which made this place a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Canada is truly a nation that anybody will enjoy visiting. But there are some travelers who will get that little bit more from it, specifically hikers – I’ve spent enough of your time already talking about its green vastness so I will just say this, you could spend a lifetime in Canada and still not touch the sides of its hiking potential.

To get a peek into the magical land of Canada, watch the informative video below: